The Psychology Of An Amazing Sales Funnel

When it comes to marketing, we often speak about building an amazing sales funnel.

But what exactly does that mean and what makes an amazing sales funnel?

Many people may say that an amazing sales funnel has a landing page with great copywriting, upsells, downsells, and follow-up email campaigns.

But to really design an amazing sales funnel, you have to go a bit deeper and begin looking at human nature.

To design an amazing sales funnel, one that will make you money, you can’t start with the technical side of things like landing pages and free giveaways. First, you have to understand who your customer is and what motivates them.

We call this your customer avatar.

Creating Your Customer Avatar

A lot of marketers think of an avatar as a graphic they use when marketing their business.

This is partly true, but it’s more than just a graphic.

An avatar is a profile of your ideal customer.

It includes a description of who they are and what their needs and goals are.

The reason that I say it includes a description of who they are is because it’s not always easy to describe someone in one word.

For example, someone might be a family man who likes to go fishing during his free time, but he could also be a retired person who likes to travel.

If you’re going to design an amazing sales funnel, you have to think about things like this.

When you are creating your customer avatar, make sure you are as detailed as possible.

The more in-depth you are, the easier it will be to create a sales funnel that will appeal to them.

When you are creating your avatar, keep in mind that you aren’t just creating a persona.

You are also creating their motivation.

A lot of marketers make the mistake of assuming people are just greedy and are after money.

This isn’t the case and it can really hurt you if you make this assumption.

For example, if you assume that your customers are only after money, you will create a sales funnel that is all about bribing and selling to them.

This won’t help you in the long run.

The only way to create a successful funnel is to think about your customers’ motivations, not just their wants and needs.

By understanding what motivates people, you will create an amazing sales funnel that appeals to them and helps them reach their goals.

For example, if you understand that your customers want to make more money, you will create a funnel that offers them an opportunity to make more money.

You will offer them training, a system, or a way for them to sell more stuff.

But if you understand their motivation, you will also understand that they aren’t after the money itself, but rather the thing that money can help them get.

For a family man who wants to make more money, his motivation is more likely to be the family lifestyle with a bigger house, more vacations, and so on.

If you can make enough money to get that lifestyle, then you will be happy.

If you can’t make that much money, you will become disappointed and stop trying, so you need to make enough money to get that lifestyle.

By understanding what your customer’s motivation is, you can create a sales funnel that offers them what they want.

Do this and you’ll build an amazing and profitable sales funnel.

Start A Relationship

Once you’ve created your customer avatar the next step is to identify what you offer that will be the most value to them.

Ideally, you want to identify the following offerings:

  1. Something you can offer them for free
  2. A low ticket item, something that’s less than $50
  3. A mid-priced item, something that’s less than $499
  4. A high ticket item, something that’s over $1000

Why do you want to identify each of these?

Well, because it’s the secret to becoming wealthy.

1. Something you can offer them for free

First, you want to identify a product or service that you have or can easily create to offer your customer avatar for free.

Why is this important?

It’s going to be the basis for your relationship with them.

Think about it, you want your customer avatar to trust you and to like you, so you can offer them value, right?

If you only offer them a high ticket item or service for $10,000, they aren’t going to trust you and like you.

They will feel uncomfortable and will think you’re just trying to take advantage of them.

But if you offer them a free product or service, this helps them see you as a trustworthy and reliable person.

If you can build a relationship with them and offer them value early on, they will think of you as a friend and will be more open to buying your high ticket items or services.

If you don’t have a product or service that you can offer for free, that’s okay.

You can still offer them a free consultation or a free video.

Think about how to offer them a free service that will help them and that they will appreciate.

This should make them want to continue working with you and help you build your relationship.

2. A low ticket item, something that’s less than $50

Next, you want to identify a low-ticket item.

This is something that’s less than $50.


To build trust.

You have to show your customer avatar that you aren’t just trying to take advantage of them and that you are willing to work with them.

This is also going to help them identify if you are someone they can trust.

If you are a trustworthy and reliable person, they are more likely to trust you with their high ticket item or service.

If you aren’t trustworthy and reliable, they are going to be hesitant to work with you.

When you offer them a low-ticket item, they will get a chance to see how you act and to see if you are trustworthy.

Plus, it’s going to make them like you and want to continue working with you.

This will make it easier for you to offer them something high ticket later on.

3. A mid-priced item, something that’s less than $499

Next, you want to identify a mid-priced item.

This is something that will be somewhere between $50 and $499.

Why a mid-priced item?

Because this is the item that’s going to make you money.

The low ticket item is great because it helps you build a relationship.

But the mid-priced item is also important because it’s going to help you make money.

You have to remember that your customer avatar wants to make money.

If they don’t see that you can help them make money, they aren’t going to trust you and they aren’t going to want to continue working with you.

So even if you have more items than just one high ticket item, you still need to offer some middle ticket items.

This is the item that’s going to make you money, so it’s really important that you create a product or service that you can offer to your customer avatar.

4. A high ticket item, something that’s over $1,000

Finally, you want to identify a high ticket item.

This is something that’s over $1,000.

Why a high ticket item?

Because this is the item that’s going to make you the most money.

Remember, your customer avatar is motivated by profit.

If you can show them that you can help them make the most profit, this will show them that you are a trustworthy and reliable person.

Plus, it will show them that you know what you are doing.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier, it will make them like you and trust you.

If you can show them that you can help them make the most profit, they are going to trust you and they are going to like you.

This is what we call to trust and rapport building.

Think about it, if they like you and trust you, they are more likely to buy from you.

So make sure you are offering them something they want.

This will increase your chances of making the sale.

It’s also going to help you add value to their business, which will help them make more money.

When you understand the psychology behind an amazing sales funnel, you will be able to create a marketing funnel that will make you money.

This is the kind of sales funnel that will make you into a millionaire.

Have you created an amazing sales funnel?

If you create an amazing sales funnel, I want to hear about it!

Post in the comments section below and let me know about what you have created.

If you need help creating your sales funnel, check out our post on GrooveFunnels.

Tips On How To Build An Online Sales Funnel

No matter your business type, your sales funnel can dictate the kind of success you are able to achieve. Building out a highly optimized sales funnel can help you generate more sales throughout your business. Throughout this article, we will be going over some of the top tips on how to build out a high-performing online sales funnel.

First, What Is A Sales Funnel?

To start, your sales funnel is essentially a pre-designed path that your prospective customers will take from being a prospective customer all the way to becoming a customer.

A sales funnel is divided into 4 specific stages. The 4 stages are; awareness, interest, decision, and action.

For an online business, a visitor would land on your website either from an organic search or perhaps a paid advertisement. This visitor has now become a prospect for your business. From there, you will have a Call-To-Action like a lead capture form. This is when the prospect showcases their interest in what you are offering. From there, you guide them towards making a decision.

At the last stage of the sales funnel, the prospective customer becomes an actual customer when they ‘act’ on their interest.

Tips To Build Out A Good Sales Funnel:

1. Attract The Right Customers

When you are looking to build out a highly effective sales funnel, your first step is being able to attract customers in the first place. Figure out what your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is. From there, you can analyze the competition. By analyzing the competition, you should be able to come up with ways your product or service is better than theirs.

By now, you should have defined your audience. While you could try to attract as many prospective customers as possible, that would be highly inefficient. The fact is, you want to narrow down prospects to high-converting prospects. Thus, by targeting them directly, you should be able to spend more time pushing ready and willing prospects through your sales funnel rather than wasting your time with those that aren’t even considered warm leads.

2. Creating a Highly Optimized Landing Page

The first step is sending interested traffic to a highly optimized landing page. You can completely kill-off the effectiveness of your sales funnel if you don’t tape the necessary steps needed to create highly optimized landing pages. The landing page needs to adhere to the interest stage. You want your landing page to generate more interest from the prospect. It should directly relate to whatever got them to your website in the first place.

For instance, if they clicked on a Facebook advertisement for a specific product, that landing page should be geared towards driving more interest in that product. You don’t want to send someone who clicked on a Facebook Ad for product A to a page with information about product B. Likewise, a landing page should encourage visitors to take some sort of action to get them to enter your multi-staged funnel. The best way to do this is by having a lead capture form to have them enter your email marketing list. To get someone to sign-up for your email marketing list, you will need to offer something in exchange for their information.

You should have something highly optimized to what they’ve already shown interest in. For instance, if someone clicked on an advertisement for cupcake recipes, you might have an e-book of “20 different killer cupcake recipes.”

3. Create An E-Mail Drip Campaign

Once you have successfully created a highly optimized landing page, you should have an e-mail drip campaign that you will funnel those prospects into. Again, this campaign should be highly optimized for the landing page the prospects took action with. This funnel should be designed to educate your audience and provide value.

Throughout this entire campaign, you want to be giving actionable content and value to your readers. This will build trust and help you gain authority. You want a prospect to have multiple points of contact with you prior to making them any type of offer. That way, you can develop enough trust and authority with them to improve the chances of converting them.

Don’t spam them with messages, but you should have each one going through the multi-stepped drip campaign that guides them towards the offer you are intending on making. In the final email, you should look to make the irresistible offer that you have been building up. This should be the decision stage in which you get them to ‘act now’ on their interest.

4. Up-sell and Provide Incentives

When someone takes action, you should thank them and reward them with incentives to buy more. They should be entering a completely different optimized sales funnel specially designed for existing customers.

By using the tips above, you should be able to create a high converting online sales funnel for your online business. You want to craft a good online sales funnel in order to maximize the number of sales you are able to make within your business. Having hot leads constantly cycling through your sales funnel can help you drive up profits in your business. Every prospect should be ushered through an optimized sales funnel within your business. You should be looking at your funnel to see what’s working and what might not be working.

Don’t be afraid to make small tweaks to your funnel to ensure that you are constantly improving it. Keep an eye on your competition to see what they are doing and how they are approaching their own funnel. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to enter your competition’s sales funnel to see exactly how they are ushering their own prospects through it. This can give you a first-hand look which will only improve your own efforts.

3 Top ClickFunnels Alternatives Worth Trying

ClickFunnels has established itself as one of the top funnel builders around. However, they are not the only funnel builder you can use. If you’re looking for the top ClickFunnels alternatives, then you’ve come to the right place. The top alternatives, including what makes them so great and how much they cost, include:

1. Convertri

Convertri is the best ClickFunnels alternatives out there. It makes building funnels fast, easy, and fun. Here’s what you should know about it.

About Convertri

Andy Fletcher is the creator of Convertri. He is a highly skilled internet marketer and software developer. Convertri can be used to create sales funnels and web-pages. One of the unique features of this software is its Accelerated Page technology, which allows your pages to load quickly.

The Pros & Features

  • Page Builder- Let’s not forget to mention the drop and drag page builder. Simply point and click and drag the elements you want to incorporate into your page. Within a short period of time, you can have a professional looking sales funnel.
  • Accelerated Page Technology- This technology is powerful because it is the reason why the pages you build are able to load fast. In fact, they load within a matter of seconds. This is important because if pages take too long to load, then your visitors will probably leave.
  • Templates- Convertri allows you access to hundreds of templates. You can choose which template you want to use, and then you can edit and customize it. All of the templates have been designed with conversions in mind.
  • Shopping Cart- With Convertri- Perhaps the best thing about the software is you can sell products and manage your orders. You can even track your sales.

Those are the top features of Convertri. If you want to experience all of the benefits and features that Convertri has to offer, then give the free trial a try. You will love Convertri.


Convertri costs either $900 for the year or you can pay $75 per month. Both plans include the following:

  • 25 funnels
  • 250K impressions per month
  • 10 custom domains
  • Over 400 templates
  • 10 team members
  • 20 videos hosted
  • Unlimited products
  • SSL
  • Page importer
  • Split testing
  • 100GB video hosting

2. Builderall

Builderall is second on our list of top ClickFunnels alternatives. The plans from Builderall range from $19.90 per month to $69.90 per month. The more expensive the plan, the more stuff is included.


  • Website Builder- The website builder lets you build pages and websites with ease. You can add many features and elements into your site too. Your pages and funnels will look appealing when you build them with Builderall.
  • Auto Responder- Builderall’s funnels have built-in auto responders. Auto responders are essential internet marketing tools. You can automatically email your list of subscribers, which you can also do with Builderall.
  • Membership Areas- With Builderall you can create membership areas when you build out your funnels and web-pages. This allows you to make money by allowing only members who have paid access to certain parts of your site.
  • Checkout- Another feature that makes Builderall a great alternative to ClickFunnels is the checkout options. You can sell products right from the page you built with Builderall. You can set up your checkout page to accept a one-time payment or you can set it for recurring payments.

Builderall is great for building funnels and for generating leads. It’s also the perfect tool to use if you sell virtual or physical products. Also, you can use Builderall to create events that will generate buzz. Hands down, Builderall is one of the best funnel builders around.

3. LeadPages

Last on our list is LeadPages. There are three plans to choose from with them being:

  • Standard Plan/$25 per month
  • Pro Plan/$48 per month
  • Advanced Plan/$199 per month

The Advanced Plan has the most features. However, each plan gives you access to an array of features. You will easily be able to build great looking funnels with any of those plans.

The Pros & Features

  • Lead Collection & Traffic- Unlike many other funnel builders and website builders, LeadPages allows you to collect unlimited leads. You can also receive unlimited amounts of traffic. In the long run, you can save a lot of money by using LeadPages over other funnel builders that have a cap of traffic and leads.
  • Unlimited Page Publishing- Another good thing about LeadPages is it lets you publish an unlimited number of pages. You won’t have to worry about exceeding bandwidth or reaching publishing limits. You can just focus on building out your funnels and pages.
  • Drag And Drop- LeadPages also has “drag and drop” features. This allows you to quickly build out your funnels. Simply drag the features you wish to add to your web-pages.
  • Other Features- Other features include countdown timers, various widgets such as an OpenTable reservation and you can add a video player. These are only a handful of features you can add to your pages. You will love being able to completely customize your pages with amazing features.

There’s no denying that ClickFunnels is the most popular funnel builder around, but the above are excellent alternatives. All of them are affordable and packed with quality features. If you want to build awesome funnels that have a good chance of converting, then look no further than those. All you have to do now is decide which funnel builder you should use.

Also, check out our post on GrooveFunnels which is another online marketing platform you definitely need to check out!

Finding Information About The Top Online Marketing Platforms

It’s important for business owners to be aware of the various marketing platforms that are available to them. Digital marketing should be a key component of any marketing strategy. It’s easier to construct a strategy when you have information about the top online marketing platforms and various marketing resources.

Inbound Marketing Software

The right software can help your business to attract leads, boost conversions, and gather more information about the customers and clients that you work with. With the right software, you’ll be able to manage your marketing, strengthen your strategy, and grow your business.

If you’re interested in utilizing inbound marketing software, you may want to take a look at some of the most popular options on the market, like Hubspot and Vocus. Some types of software are focused on a specific type of marketing, like public relations, while others are well-suited to many industries.

Since software like this can be a significant investment, it can also be useful to read reviews before making a purchase. Find software that other businesses have used successfully.

Automation Software

One of the biggest challenges of building an online marketing campaign is making time for all of the small tasks that you’ll need to complete. Many business owners only have a limited amount of time in their schedules. Because of this, important tasks fall by the wayside.

As the name implies, this software is about automating many basic but important tasks. This means you’ll be able to ensure that all of these tasks are completed, and it also means you’ll have more time you can put towards other aspects of your business and marketing campaign.

If you often feel as though there’s not enough time in the day, automation software is worth a closer look. Tools like Marketo can save you a lot of valuable time and keep your marketing campaign on track.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most important components of any online marketing strategy, which is why businesses should utilize tools that can help them to improve their search engine rankings. Keyword planning tools can be extremely valuable. These tools can help businesses to find competitive keywords that can be at the center of SEO strategies.

Of course, SEO tools don’t just involve keywords. There are also tools that are designed to help optimize websites, drive search ROI, provide analytics, and so much more. There is a great deal of demand for SEO software, which means you can find a wide range of options on the market.

Take a closer look at popular SEO tools like SEMrush and Ginzametrics to see which options are best suited to you. As mentioned above, reviews can also be a helpful way to identify your best options.

Social Media Tools

Social media is another effective marketing tool that can take up a great deal of time. This is especially true when a business is active on multiple social media platforms. Thankfully, there are tools that allow businesses to manage all social media from one place.

The right tools provide you with analytics, which means you can build a strategy that will yield better results. Tools also make it possible to schedule posts ahead of time, allowing you to plan ahead and share content when your userbase is active.

Multi-Channel Marketing Tools

There are many components to any online marketing strategy. From email to mobile marketing to content strategies, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all of these important tasks. Because of this, many businesses specifically look for multi-channel marketing tools and software, which are specifically designed to make marketing campaigns easier to manage.

It isn’t always necessary for a business to invest in multiple resources or more than one type of software. In many cases, businesses can get everything they need out of a single program. Popular all-in-one programs include ExactTarget and Marketo.

Email Tools

Email was one of the first tools businesses used when building online marketing strategies, and it still plays an important role today. Having a mailing list gives businesses an easy and effective way to keep track of customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases in the future.

Managing a mailing list can be nearly impossible without the right tools, which is why it’s important for business owners to find email tools that work for them. Omnisend, Constant Contact, and MailChimp are all very popular choices. Take the time to find email marketing tools that will serve the needs of your business.

Content Marketing Tools

When people talk about digital marketing, they often emphasize the importance of content. From video content to written content, the content a business creates is a way for them to interact with prospective customers and clients. Of course, there is more to content marketing than simply writing content.

It’s important to have data that allows you to see which pieces of content have yielded success for you. You’ll want to be able to track your keyword usage so that you can ensure your content is SEO friendly. Using content marketing tools like Raventools allows you to make the most of the content that you create.

When building an online marketing strategy, it’s important to find plenty of information about the top online marketing platforms. You should be fully aware of the resources that are available to you. Read reviews and research software and tools so that you can build an effective digital marketing campaign.

Review: What Is GrooveFunnels And What Does It Include?

If you have been wondering what GrooveFunnels is all about, you have come to the right place. It is essentially a suite of applications that can be used to create sales funnels.

It is a product that is put out through the company Groove Digital and more and more people are beginning to use it. They love how it works and find it easy to use. You can read a full review of GrooveFunnels here. For many people, it has become an essential tool for building up their business and creating a better profit stream.

About Groove Digital

The company Groove Digital is led by Mike Filsalme. Mike once worked with Kartra and then with Groove Digital has become an even greater success as the CEO of the company. He is very proud of the product that he has created because of the many ways that it can be used by the customers that he cares about. His entire way of doing business is top-of-line and he treats people with the respect that they deserve at all times.

The suite of applications that are included in Groove Funnels is made for you to run your entire business from and do well. It is compared to ClickFunnels by many people that use it.

What Does GrooveFunnels Include?

When you buy GrooveFunnels, you are getting a lot of applications. As said before, the idea is to operate your entire business through them. When you decide to get the GrooveFunnels, you will be getting the following that will be very beneficial for you:

1. GroovePages

When you use the GroovePages, you will be creating your online sales funnel builder. It is also what you use for your page and website. This is where you will do an amazing amount that will boost your sales now and in the future.

2. GrooveSell

With GrooveFunnels, you will also receive GrooveSell. This is your sales platform. You can use the tools that are in this app to create better sales in the future.

3. GrooveAffiliate

With GrooveAffiliate, you will be using this for an affiliate platform. There are plenty of ways that you can use the affiliate platform to make it really work for you in a positive way.

4. GrooveMember

You will also be receiving GrooveMember when you purchase GrooveFunnels. This is your membership platform.

5. GrooveVideo

A video platform is also provided. This is called GrooveVideo with all types of options for you to perfect your videos.

6. GrooveMail

An email marketing platform that really works is also provided. Use the GrooveMail for exceptional ways of reaching your customers.

In 2021, There Is More Coming With GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels has some other apps that they are going to be putting out in 2021. Currently, they are being tested so that you will be getting the very best for your money. Here are the ones that are coming out in 2021:

1. GrooveBlog

You’ll enjoy GrooveBkig because it is even better than WordPress. In this app, you will be able to get your blog up and rolling in a fantastic way.

2. GrooveWebinars

In GrooveWebinars, you can hold presentations, classes, live meetings, and host webinars. It is an excellent app that people will love.

3. GrooveSurvey

For people that want interactive quizzes, the GrooveSurvey will provide them with the ease that they need to create them. This can be very beneficial for a person to have on their website at any given time.

4. GrooveDesk

GrooveDesk is essential for keeping track of customers. You will be able to manage their transactions and keep track of what they like to buy.

5. GrooveCalendar

When you use GrooveCalendar, you will find a great place to handle your schedule. It is easy to keep track of all kinds of office information on your GrooveCalendar.

What Is The Price For Groove Funnels?

One thing that people really love about it is the price. Right now GrooveFunnels is available for free until its launch when the prices will be $99 per month for the Silver Plan and $199 per month for the Gold Plan. It is a great deal for all that is offered in the selection of apps that it includes.

Unbelievable Features Are Key Selling Points For GrooveFunnels

With GrooveFunnels, there are unbelievable features that are excellent. This is one of the fundamental reasons why people are using it more and more. They are finding that they can do so much with it and that they can create the business that they always wanted.

When they compare it with Clickfunnels and Kartra, they find that it is not only much better but offers them what they have always been looking for. With the abilities that they never had before, the users of GrooveFunnels keep improving on their digital platforms so that they are able to compete in much better ways.

Since using GrooveFunnels is free right now, people can try out all of the different apps that are available to them. They will be able to make an informed decision on which of the plans, the Silver or Gold Plans, they wish to go with in the future.

It is an excellent way to find out just how beneficial it will be for them now and in the future when they take advantage of the free use of GrooveFunnels right now. It is an excellent suite of applications that allow people to do so many great things for their businesses.

Some Ecommerce SEO Tips To Boost Your Business

If you are doing online business, it is really important for you to have a functional website. Your customers should be able to find your website easily without experiencing any problem. Investing in your website is one of the best ways to increase the traffic to your page. Increased traffic translates to increased sales if you are able to convert most of the potential clients into customers.

There are several Ecommerce SEO tips that you could use to boost your business.

Every online business owner wants to gain visibility in the search engine results page. For this reason, each one of them is trying to use various strategies to beat their competitors.

If your dream is to appear in the first position on the search pages, you have to work extra hard. Ecommerce SEO helps you to build a strong digital marketing strategy to generate natural traffic to your website. Below are some of the eCommerce SEO tips.


As a business owner, you need to understand how traffic influences your online sales. By understanding how traffic affects your online sales, you will be able to analyze and track how your business is performing.

One of the ways to do this is by enabling Enhanced Ecommerce analytics tracking within Google Analytics. This Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics allows you to see how users are interacting with your products across the site. These insights give you a lot of information, including the shopping behavior of the customers.

It also offers other reporting features, such as checkout behavior, sales performance, and product performance. By looking into these reports, you get to understand your clients on a deeper level and make adjustments where need be.

It is, therefore, vital that you make use of the analytics data to help you make an informed decision, about how to optimize your store.

Competitor Analysis

The other strategy that you can use to get ahead of your competitors is doing a competitor analysis. Start by identifying at least five domains that your eCommerce business competes with. Doing a competitor analysis helps you get an insight into your competitors. By knowing what your competitors are doing, you will know how best to beat them in their own game.

If you don’t know who your primary competitors are, utilize tools like SEMrush. Once you determine your close competitors, proceed to do a heuristic evaluation. This is a usability inspection that helps you identify what your competitors are doing right. It also helps you know where they are falling short.

Check the pricing of your competitors’ products, including any promotions or discounts they are offering. You should also seek to learn how your competitors have positioned themselves in the market. Use the information you get to define your position in the market.

The other thing that you can look at is the keywords your competitors are using to attract customers. With this information, you will be in a better position to determine your competitive advantage.

Avoid Duplication

One thing that can bring your business down is the duplication of content. Duplicating content is the last thing you want to do when it comes to your e-commerce website.

You will realize that many eCommerce websites have the same product description appearing in more than one place on their website. This is conflicting because it becomes impossible to determine which piece is more relevant than the other, for a given query.

Duplication can result in loss of relevant results on the search engine results and, thus, loss of traffic on your side. Understand that filter and category options can lead to duplication because the filters used might create different URLs with the same content. Ensure you know what leads to duplication how best you can avoid the issue of duplication.

Site Structure

For your e-commerce store to do well, you need to provide a functional website that is easy to navigate. A clunky page design or structure will affect your search engine optimization efforts negatively. You, therefore, need to put the interests of the users first, as you create your website.

Create an intuitive design that makes it easy for users to interact and navigate. This will have a positive impact on your conversions because users will keep coming back. It is, therefore, essential to audit your navigation structure.

Look at Google Analytics, which helps you learn how users found your page and where the user navigated to, after visiting a specific page. Make it easier for the users to navigate through your website.

Also, get in the habit of creating URLs that are user friendly. They shouldn’t be too complicated for the user, as this might discourage them from visiting your site.

If you are in eCommerce, you need to be at the top of your game because every other online business is competing for the same customers as you. Invest in your website, and you will be surprised at how rewarding your investment will be, in the long run. Consider the SEO tips above.

What Exactly Is Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to anything involving SEO that is done apart from the content itself. It is the focus of improving the technical aspects of your SEO efforts that allow search engine crawlers to properly crawl your website and index the related content. Now that you know what technical SEO is, we will be going over some of the key tips to ensure your technical SEO is up to par.

Top Technical SEO Tips:

1. Site Speed

This is one of the major tips that you should be looking to integrate into your SEO efforts. It’s important to have a site that loads as quickly as possible. After all, Google and other search engines are constantly looking to improve their own user’s experience.

Therefore, you want to do things that can improve your site’s speed as it will help boost your sites’ rankings. You can do this in a variety of ways. One, you should minimize the use of any images that are too large. Having compressed images is key to speeding up your site’s loading time. Another important thing you should do is keep your use of scripts and heavy plugins to a minimum.

You also want to try to get a fast hosting provider as it can speed up your site in a big way. All of these things can help improve your site’s SEO from a technical standpoint.

2. Creating A Sitemap

Another important technical tip that you want to utilize would be creating an XML sitemap as soon as possible. While you might think your site automatically gets new content indexed, you would be wrong.

An XML sitemap is a file that you submit which can help search engines fully understand what your website is about and it can help these crawlers navigate it properly.

It essentially gives a ‘table of contents’ to the search engine crawlers which can include information they need in order to properly crawl and rank your site.

3. Focus On Mobile

working on a mobile website

The majority of search engine traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices. Whether it be tablets or phones, you want to be certain that your site is scaling properly to adjust for the appropriately sized screens.

Without having a responsive site that scales to mobile screens, you risk providing a poor end-user experience which is something that Google and other search engines are not going to want to see. Without having a responsive site, your site will not achieve a high ranking signal.

Google has established mobile responsiveness as one of the highest-ranking signals which means that you are doomed if you don’t adhere to the importance of mobile-friendliness.

4. Rid Yourself Of Any Duplicate Content

Duplicate content not only creates a poor end-user experience, but it can completely wreak your ability to rank high within the search engines. Search engines can and will penalize you for having any kind of duplicate content on your site.

Therefore, you want to be proactive about this and avoid it at all costs. You can do this by installing plugins to look for this type of content which will allow you to get rid of it.

5. Use Tags

When you are putting together your website, you want to look to use tags when you are designing it. You want to have the appropriate tags that explain what the content is about and you want to have proper descriptions to ensure that it is completely relevant.

6. Structured Data Markup

Adding this code to your site is going to effectively make it easier for search engines to understand your content. This type of data will help you provide rich snippets of your site in order to give more information about the site in general. This can make your site stand out in the search engines which can improve your chances of converting a click.

7. AMP

Google has a project that effectively speeds up the delivery of your content to mobile devices by using a specially optimized code. AMP can help your pages load faster on every device, but most specifically on mobile devices. These websites are going to be very effective at getting your websites seen within the search engines because Google typically looks to prominently place them within the rankings.

Luckily, when you enable AMP, you aren’t going to sacrifice your images or videos. Instead, the code is stripped to bare bones which shouldn’t negatively impact your site in the least.

As you can see, there are plenty of things that have to be done on the technical side of things. Beyond the content itself, you need to integrate these technical tips into your SEO strategy to try to get your site to achieve the highest rankings possible. The technical portion of your SEO efforts can be just as important as the content side of things.

Great Mobile SEO Tips To Help Your Search Engine Rankings

The cornerstone of mobile SEO is making your website as mobile-friendly as possible.

Mobile SEO can be thought of as the cleanup or making sure that your website is mobile-friendly. There are many different ways in which you can deliver mobile-friendly SEO to your website, and there are also many ways to consider the mobile-friendliness of the site you are about to set up or are optimizing.

In mobile SEO, you try to put more SEO power into your website. Within the past couple of years, Google announced it was taking a “mobile-first” approach to ranking websites.

This means that instead of the Google algorithm analyzing your website from a desktop computer, it would be analyzing your website as if from a mobile phone.

This was a huge change in the way that Google approached organic rankings. It required websites to be as optimized as possible for mobile devices.

The main optimizations include:

  • Responsive website design
  • Website load time

Responsive website design

A responsive website will be one that loads correctly no matter what device you’re using.

Responsive websites help people view a page easily on different screen sizes, particularly mobile phones and tablets. They also make it easier for people to find what they are looking for as they browse your website.

Imagine if your website displayed on a mobile phone taking on the aspect ratio of a full website. The font would be incredibly small and you would have to manually zoom in to an area to read or navigate the website. 

I remember in the early days of cell phones that had web browsers, how difficult it was to use normal websites.

They didn’t load correctly, they were incredibly slow, and it was very difficult to use them.

In the end, you want a website that is designed so that it is scalable and adapts to different screen sizes so that you can get visitors from multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, and PCs). You want your responsive website to be one designed to maximize the use of screens by adapting to different screen sizes.

Newer designs load in the correct dimensions whether on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. They are fully responsive, meaning that they have a high visual fidelity for mobile users.

Responsive websites have helped make the Internet much more mobile-friendly and with over 60% of web users primarily using the Internet via their smartphone, it’s more important than ever!

Website load time

This is an area that most websites still need to work on as too many websites load quite show on mobile devices due to the speed of most mobile phone’s Internet connection speed.

Also depending on what type of website hosting you’re using this can also play a big role in a slow website.

If your website has a large number of visitors your web host may not be able to effectively accommodate them all.

For a growing business, a slow website can mean reduced page views, paying high costs for bandwidth or degraded experience for your visitors. 

Another problem occurs if your website loads slowly. For example, a slow website will often leave visitors with a bad impression of your website, business, and less interest in using your website.

What are some good strategies to avoid sluggish websites? 

The method that I use is to start off with website speed optimization is to run a website speed tool to help explain why a page is loading slowly. 

Then I’ll add a couple of features to the page that makes it run faster.

The easiest ways to minimize your site’s load times are by using static content and caching. It’s easy to understand why static content is good as this type of content will load fastest, load quickly and reduce loading time when serving static files to clients.

Implementing a website caching system can also greatly help reduce your website’s load time. A cache works by saving certain elements of your website in a way that allows them to be delivered quickly to your website visitors. 

Depending on how much control you have over your web host a caching system can be set up at the server level or through a third-party component if your website uses a CMS. A cache can also be implemented using a CDN (content delivery network) like CloudFlare.

In the end, one of the best ways to ensure the best possible outcome when doing mobile SEO is to invest in Google Mobile Testing. 

By continuing to test your website you’ll discover new areas you can further optimize your website’s load time which will greatly help your visitor’s website experience and improve your rankings in Google.

SEO Cafe Schema And The Different Types That Show Up In Search Results

SEO is a complex endeavor. It takes more than writing SEO optimized copy to get to the top of the search results. Besides, there are little tricks that can help you make the most out of your already conquered positions in the SERPs by boosting your CTR.

SEO schema is one of the things any SEO professional should implement in their projects. This article sheds some light on this matter, for you to gain a better understanding of the positive effects of SEO schema implementation into your websites.

Why use Schema?

The main point of using such elements in your web development or SEO process is to increase the effectiveness of your work. The correct implementation of SEO schema can help you obtain better results with the same input of effort and money. This means that you can earn more money without having to increase your SEO and marketing expenditure.

What is Schema?

Schema markup is a semantic collection of tags you can add to your HTML to make your web pages easier to understand by search engines. This type of structured data helps search engine spiders understand what your content is about. This leads to better relevance of the SERPs for those queries.

In addition, it leads to a higher CTR of those results that display schema markup, due to the fact that search engine users can see at a glance that those specific results could be exactly what they’ve been searching for.

If you’ve used search engines to seek answers or specific information, you may have already noticed your own behavior at the sight of such search results.

If, for instance, you’re seeking accommodations for your next vacation, wouldn’t you click on a search result that displays a five-star rating right off the bat? This rich snippet is a hint that you may have found the ideal place to book for a very good experience.

Schema is a complex system that covers a wide range of activity areas. You can apply it to websites in virtually any industry or niche. Cooking recipes and hotel listings, for instance, can benefit from showcasing user ratings within the search results snippets.

Generally speaking, anything that can bear a rating will display it in the SERPs. As you can easily imagine, search engine users will be more prone to clicking on these results, due to their special formatting and to the additional information they promise to offer.

The average consumer wants to find the most details possible, with a minimum of effort, so they tend to click on such results that stand apart from the crowd.

Different data types that show up in the search results when using SEO schema. If you want to implement this system into your web pages, you have to make sure you understand what kind of data you can display and how to use it to maximize your click-through rate.

The main data types are

  • Boolean
  • Date
  • DateTime
  • Number
  • Text
  • Time

Each of these types includes multiple properties.

For instance, the petsAllowed property within the Boolean type allows users to know at a glance whether a hotel or accommodation facility accepts pets. In some situations, this rich snippet can make all the difference between a search result almost nobody notices and one all pet owners willing to travel click on. Such data types have two possible values, which are True and False.

This is one example of a rich snippet for you to understand how you can use SEO schema to your advantage.

For more details, you should take a look at the website, where all such properties, types, and attributes are listed in detail, with their possible values, and with relevant examples.

In conclusion, the implementation of SEO schema has multiple benefits. It helps search engine spiders to understand what your content is about.

At the same time, it helps human users of search engines to see at a glance that a specific result may be the information they’ve been seeking for. The special format of these listings attracts more clicks, thus making your marketing and SEO investment more profitable. All these should determine you to start reading more about Schema and about the best ways to implement it.

Top On-Page SEO Tips For Your Website

On your journey towards creating a top-ranking website, you will come across many different tactics. Some are more effective than others. But ultimately, the more strategies you use the better. You also want to try and master these strategies in order to make them even more effective.

But given that you are just starting this challenge, here are some top on-page SEO tips for your website. And to avoid any confusion, the topic of on-page search engine optimization will also be discussed.

Understanding More About On-Page SEO

On-page SEO basically means everything you do for visibility happens directly on the website. Off-page SEO, for example, will involve tactics like link-building and social media platforms. These help a lot, but your on-page visibility has to be prioritized. From there, you can increase your online presence with off-page strategies.

The following tips are some of the most common and best when it comes to gaining higher rankings and exposure. But you have to execute them with skill if you really want to see a significant difference.

How Fast Is The Loading Speed?

There are many areas in which high-ranking sites compete, and the loading speed can be considered one of the more important ones. Users love speed. And if you want to give your website visitors a good first impression, make sure every page loads almost instantly. If this means getting rid of all the distractions, ads, and pop-ups, then do it.

Every unnecessary aspect of the site that possibly slows down the loading speed is expendable. Because even search engines are going to check the loading time. And if the search engines are not impressed, your site gets placed at the back of the line.

Is The Site Functional And User-Friendly?

On top of the loading speed, you want to pay attention to the functionality of the site. Do all the internal links work as they should? Do users easily get where they want to be and does every page load as it should?

The functionality of the site is critical if you want to keep the bounce rate low and your visibility high. Failing to provide a site that flawlessly goes from one post to the next means losing a valuable edge.

How Well Does The Site Respond To Different Devices?

As you already know, many different devices are used to go online. In fact, about half of online users are utilizing mobile devices for their browsing experience. Now, the critical question you have to ask is how well your site adapts to these different devices?

Thanks to a variety of screen resolutions and rendering software, much more focus has to go into the responsiveness of your website. Because when the site doesn’t cater to certain devices, it will be ignored by search engines too.

Does The Site Provide Quality Content?

Many website owners think they can post any content and still get loads of organic traffic. In other words, they will publish any content they can find, whether it holds any connection to the theme of the website or not. Don’t make the same mistake.

If you want your site to have any hope of success, give your readers something to come back for. Whether it’s entertaining, informative, or just interesting, never let visitors feel like they wasted their time.

Are The Keywords Powerful And Relevant?

The keywords you ultimately choose serve as the direct link to users. Hence the reason for researching popular keywords that are relevant to the content topics. If there is no correlation between the keyword and content, expect to get penalized instead of promoted.

How Many Users Interact With The Site?

One of the best ways you can get search engines to notice your website is through user engagement. In other words, you want users sticking around for long periods of time. And you want them clicking all over the place. Because the more activity your website shows, the more visibility you gain.

Are You Using The Right Plugins?

Finally, ensure you only use the right plugins for the right purpose. Too many plugins will eventually cut into the loading speed and the overall user-experience. This is why you should take the time to research the plugins before installing them.

Of course, there are many other on-page SEO strategies you can use. But these will provide a great starting point.