Review: What Is GrooveFunnels And What Does It Include?

If you have been wondering what GrooveFunnels is all about, you have come to the right place. It is essentially a suite of applications that can be used to create sales funnels.

It is a product that is put out through the company Groove Digital and more and more people are beginning to use it. They love how it works and find it easy to use. You can read a full review of GrooveFunnels here. For many people, it has become an essential tool for building up their business and creating a better profit stream.

About Groove Digital

The company Groove Digital is led by Mike Filsalme. Mike once worked with Kartra and then with Groove Digital has become an even greater success as the CEO of the company. He is very proud of the product that he has created because of the many ways that it can be used by the customers that he cares about. His entire way of doing business is top-of-line and he treats people with the respect that they deserve at all times.

The suite of applications that are included in Groove Funnels is made for you to run your entire business from and do well. It is compared to ClickFunnels by many people that use it.

What Does GrooveFunnels Include?

When you buy GrooveFunnels, you are getting a lot of applications. As said before, the idea is to operate your entire business through them. When you decide to get the GrooveFunnels, you will be getting the following that will be very beneficial for you:

1. GroovePages

When you use the GroovePages, you will be creating your online sales funnel builder. It is also what you use for your page and website. This is where you will do an amazing amount that will boost your sales now and in the future.

2. GrooveSell

With GrooveFunnels, you will also receive GrooveSell. This is your sales platform. You can use the tools that are in this app to create better sales in the future.

3. GrooveAffiliate

With GrooveAffiliate, you will be using this for an affiliate platform. There are plenty of ways that you can use the affiliate platform to make it really work for you in a positive way.

4. GrooveMember

You will also be receiving GrooveMember when you purchase GrooveFunnels. This is your membership platform.

5. GrooveVideo

A video platform is also provided. This is called GrooveVideo with all types of options for you to perfect your videos.

6. GrooveMail

An email marketing platform that really works is also provided. Use the GrooveMail for exceptional ways of reaching your customers.

In 2021, There Is More Coming With GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels has some other apps that they are going to be putting out in 2021. Currently, they are being tested so that you will be getting the very best for your money. Here are the ones that are coming out in 2021:

1. GrooveBlog

You’ll enjoy GrooveBkig because it is even better than WordPress. In this app, you will be able to get your blog up and rolling in a fantastic way.

2. GrooveWebinars

In GrooveWebinars, you can hold presentations, classes, live meetings, and host webinars. It is an excellent app that people will love.

3. GrooveSurvey

For people that want interactive quizzes, the GrooveSurvey will provide them with the ease that they need to create them. This can be very beneficial for a person to have on their website at any given time.

4. GrooveDesk

GrooveDesk is essential for keeping track of customers. You will be able to manage their transactions and keep track of what they like to buy.

5. GrooveCalendar

When you use GrooveCalendar, you will find a great place to handle your schedule. It is easy to keep track of all kinds of office information on your GrooveCalendar.

What Is The Price For Groove Funnels?

One thing that people really love about it is the price. Right now GrooveFunnels is available for free until its launch when the prices will be $99 per month for the Silver Plan and $199 per month for the Gold Plan. It is a great deal for all that is offered in the selection of apps that it includes.

Unbelievable Features Are Key Selling Points For GrooveFunnels

With GrooveFunnels, there are unbelievable features that are excellent. This is one of the fundamental reasons why people are using it more and more. They are finding that they can do so much with it and that they can create the business that they always wanted.

When they compare it with Clickfunnels and Kartra, they find that it is not only much better but offers them what they have always been looking for. With the abilities that they never had before, the users of GrooveFunnels keep improving on their digital platforms so that they are able to compete in much better ways.

Since using GrooveFunnels is free right now, people can try out all of the different apps that are available to them. They will be able to make an informed decision on which of the plans, the Silver or Gold Plans, they wish to go with in the future.

It is an excellent way to find out just how beneficial it will be for them now and in the future when they take advantage of the free use of GrooveFunnels right now. It is an excellent suite of applications that allow people to do so many great things for their businesses.

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