SEO Cafe Schema And The Different Types That Show Up In Search Results

SEO is a complex endeavor. It takes more than writing SEO optimized copy to get to the top of the search results. Besides, there are little tricks that can help you make the most out of your already conquered positions in the SERPs by boosting your CTR.

SEO schema is one of the things any SEO professional should implement in their projects. This article sheds some light on this matter, for you to gain a better understanding of the positive effects of SEO schema implementation into your websites.

Why use Schema?

The main point of using such elements in your web development or SEO process is to increase the effectiveness of your work. The correct implementation of SEO schema can help you obtain better results with the same input of effort and money. This means that you can earn more money without having to increase your SEO and marketing expenditure.

What is Schema?

Schema markup is a semantic collection of tags you can add to your HTML to make your web pages easier to understand by search engines. This type of structured data helps search engine spiders understand what your content is about. This leads to better relevance of the SERPs for those queries.

In addition, it leads to a higher CTR of those results that display schema markup, due to the fact that search engine users can see at a glance that those specific results could be exactly what they’ve been searching for.

If you’ve used search engines to seek answers or specific information, you may have already noticed your own behavior at the sight of such search results.

If, for instance, you’re seeking accommodations for your next vacation, wouldn’t you click on a search result that displays a five-star rating right off the bat? This rich snippet is a hint that you may have found the ideal place to book for a very good experience.

Schema is a complex system that covers a wide range of activity areas. You can apply it to websites in virtually any industry or niche. Cooking recipes and hotel listings, for instance, can benefit from showcasing user ratings within the search results snippets.

Generally speaking, anything that can bear a rating will display it in the SERPs. As you can easily imagine, search engine users will be more prone to clicking on these results, due to their special formatting and to the additional information they promise to offer.

The average consumer wants to find the most details possible, with a minimum of effort, so they tend to click on such results that stand apart from the crowd.

Different data types that show up in the search results when using SEO schema. If you want to implement this system into your web pages, you have to make sure you understand what kind of data you can display and how to use it to maximize your click-through rate.

The main data types are

  • Boolean
  • Date
  • DateTime
  • Number
  • Text
  • Time

Each of these types includes multiple properties.

For instance, the petsAllowed property within the Boolean type allows users to know at a glance whether a hotel or accommodation facility accepts pets. In some situations, this rich snippet can make all the difference between a search result almost nobody notices and one all pet owners willing to travel click on. Such data types have two possible values, which are True and False.

This is one example of a rich snippet for you to understand how you can use SEO schema to your advantage.

For more details, you should take a look at the website, where all such properties, types, and attributes are listed in detail, with their possible values, and with relevant examples.

In conclusion, the implementation of SEO schema has multiple benefits. It helps search engine spiders to understand what your content is about.

At the same time, it helps human users of search engines to see at a glance that a specific result may be the information they’ve been seeking for. The special format of these listings attracts more clicks, thus making your marketing and SEO investment more profitable. All these should determine you to start reading more about Schema and about the best ways to implement it.

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