Tips On How To Build An Online Sales Funnel

No matter your business type, your sales funnel can dictate the kind of success you are able to achieve. Building out a highly optimized sales funnel can help you generate more sales throughout your business. Throughout this article, we will be going over some of the top tips on how to build out a high-performing online sales funnel.

First, What Is A Sales Funnel?

To start, your sales funnel is essentially a pre-designed path that your prospective customers will take from being a prospective customer all the way to becoming a customer.

A sales funnel is divided into 4 specific stages. The 4 stages are; awareness, interest, decision, and action.

For an online business, a visitor would land on your website either from an organic search or perhaps a paid advertisement. This visitor has now become a prospect for your business. From there, you will have a Call-To-Action like a lead capture form. This is when the prospect showcases their interest in what you are offering. From there, you guide them towards making a decision.

At the last stage of the sales funnel, the prospective customer becomes an actual customer when they ‘act’ on their interest.

Tips To Build Out A Good Sales Funnel:

1. Attract The Right Customers

When you are looking to build out a highly effective sales funnel, your first step is being able to attract customers in the first place. Figure out what your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is. From there, you can analyze the competition. By analyzing the competition, you should be able to come up with ways your product or service is better than theirs.

By now, you should have defined your audience. While you could try to attract as many prospective customers as possible, that would be highly inefficient. The fact is, you want to narrow down prospects to high-converting prospects. Thus, by targeting them directly, you should be able to spend more time pushing ready and willing prospects through your sales funnel rather than wasting your time with those that aren’t even considered warm leads.

2. Creating a Highly Optimized Landing Page

The first step is sending interested traffic to a highly optimized landing page. You can completely kill-off the effectiveness of your sales funnel if you don’t tape the necessary steps needed to create highly optimized landing pages. The landing page needs to adhere to the interest stage. You want your landing page to generate more interest from the prospect. It should directly relate to whatever got them to your website in the first place.

For instance, if they clicked on a Facebook advertisement for a specific product, that landing page should be geared towards driving more interest in that product. You don’t want to send someone who clicked on a Facebook Ad for product A to a page with information about product B. Likewise, a landing page should encourage visitors to take some sort of action to get them to enter your multi-staged funnel. The best way to do this is by having a lead capture form to have them enter your email marketing list. To get someone to sign-up for your email marketing list, you will need to offer something in exchange for their information.

You should have something highly optimized to what they’ve already shown interest in. For instance, if someone clicked on an advertisement for cupcake recipes, you might have an e-book of “20 different killer cupcake recipes.”

3. Create An E-Mail Drip Campaign

Once you have successfully created a highly optimized landing page, you should have an e-mail drip campaign that you will funnel those prospects into. Again, this campaign should be highly optimized for the landing page the prospects took action with. This funnel should be designed to educate your audience and provide value.

Throughout this entire campaign, you want to be giving actionable content and value to your readers. This will build trust and help you gain authority. You want a prospect to have multiple points of contact with you prior to making them any type of offer. That way, you can develop enough trust and authority with them to improve the chances of converting them.

Don’t spam them with messages, but you should have each one going through the multi-stepped drip campaign that guides them towards the offer you are intending on making. In the final email, you should look to make the irresistible offer that you have been building up. This should be the decision stage in which you get them to ‘act now’ on their interest.

4. Up-sell and Provide Incentives

When someone takes action, you should thank them and reward them with incentives to buy more. They should be entering a completely different optimized sales funnel specially designed for existing customers.

By using the tips above, you should be able to create a high converting online sales funnel for your online business. You want to craft a good online sales funnel in order to maximize the number of sales you are able to make within your business. Having hot leads constantly cycling through your sales funnel can help you drive up profits in your business. Every prospect should be ushered through an optimized sales funnel within your business. You should be looking at your funnel to see what’s working and what might not be working.

Don’t be afraid to make small tweaks to your funnel to ensure that you are constantly improving it. Keep an eye on your competition to see what they are doing and how they are approaching their own funnel. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to enter your competition’s sales funnel to see exactly how they are ushering their own prospects through it. This can give you a first-hand look which will only improve your own efforts.

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